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Here in the UK our summers are fickle, one day it's glorious, the next it's pouring down, that's one of the reasons that many of us choose to holiday abroad and relax in the sun. When we jet abroad, often we don't think about responsible tanning, overdoo it in the first few days, get sunburt and spend the rest of the holiday regretting our actions.

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Here at No1 Tanning Lounge we take responsible tanning seriously, so whether you are going abroad or not you can look good and feel great with a tan all year round!

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UV Tanning

FACT: On the latest state-of-the -art sunbeds like those we offer at No1 Tanning Lounge, provided you don't have sensitive skin (type 1s) you can achieve a natural, long-lasting tan

FACT: It takes only around 6-10 short tanning sessions to develop a full tan in a controlled fashion

FACT: UV tanning is unsuitable for 18 s, however in adults this maintains healthy vitamin D levels

FACT: UV tanning here at No 1 Tanning Lounge prepares your skin prior to holidays in sunnier climes

FACT: A UV tan will fade evenly & although easily prevented, over exposure can cause sunburn

Note: Our team at Gretna will only advocate safe tanning and can provide expert advice to develop a managed plan, based on your skin type.

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frequently asked questions

How often can I sensibly use a sunbed each week?

It's essential that you allow at least 24 hrs between tanning sessions, 48 hrs if you have type 2 skin. On that basis we'd recommend a maximim of 2-3 sessions per week.

What benefits will controlled UV tanning deliver?

Tanned skin protects you against sunburn; sunburn (rather than a tan) is belived to be the cause of skin cancer (melanoma). If you avoid sunburn through controlled tanning on a sunbed, the benefits include maintenance of Vitamin D levels and far outweigh any possible risks


Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, too little vitamin D can pose health risks including cardiovascular disease, cognative impairment in older adults and risk of cancer.

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FICTION: Sunbeds are many times more powerful than the sun

This is pure fiction, current laws in the UK ensure that the UV output of sunbeds are limited to that of the mid day summer sun in the Medeteranian.

FICTION: Exposure to UV is not healthy

Contrary to this falsehood, medical studies prove that UV light is the principal source of Vitamin D and that moderate exposure to UV light on a regular basis is in fact necessary for good health.

FICTION: You can get cancer from just using a sunbed

The scientific and medical studise show that over exposure (burning) at a young age increases the risk! Thats why we don't allow our sunbeds to be used by those under 18 and always work with our clients so that they can tan responsibly.

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