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Here at No. 1 Tanning Lounge we offer three options that enable you to sport a gorgeous bronzed glow throughout the year. Using the latest tanning technologies, the sunbeds and tanning booths in our salon incorporate luxurious features including cooling water mists and bluetooth that enables you to enjoy your favourite music whilst you tan.

At our Tanning Salon

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Lay Down Tanning

With three latest state of the art lie down Sunbeds in private booths, No. 1 Tanning Lounge attracts clients from Cumbria and South Scotland. Our team at Gretna will be delighted to provide guidance to ensure you achieve the perfect golden glow.

Tanning Booth Dumfriesshiire

Stand Up Tanning

Even before opening, our stand up tanning booth proved to be extremely popular with advance bookings. The stand up tanning booth is an ideal way to achieve a gorgeous all-over tan when you don't have time to relax using a traditional sunbed.

Self Spray Tanning Booth Gretna

Spray Tanning

If you are looking to achieve a natural bronzed glow, without exposure to UV, our fast, easy spray tanning option is the ideal solution. A spray tan takes only minutes to apply and we offer four levels of tan to choose from.


Our aggressive pricing policy with special offers throughout the year ensures that we are always deliver great value.

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Safe Tanning

No. 1 Tanning Lounge is committed to helping you achieve a gorgeous tan whilst providing advice to prevent over-exposure to UV.

We Advise

(1) Always moisturise your skin with gel or cream that has been designed for indoor tanning. (2) Use moisturiser before and after a session to reduce the drying effects of UV exposure. (3) Always allow at least 48 hrs between tanning sessions whether indoors or outdoors (48 hours is the time it takes for skin to create melanin and to tan) (4) If opting to tan naked, you should ensure that you protect sensitive areas of the body. (5) Protect your lips with a lip balm that blocks UV light; lips cannot produce melanin and are thus at risk from overexposure during a tanning session. (6) Always use goggles, we provide these free for your use. (7) Last but not least: If you do get sunburnt, use a moisturiser and do not tan again until the redness disappears

You should NOT use a Sunbed

(1) If you are under 18 years of age (2) If you are pregnant (3) If you have sensitive skin that does not tan and is easily burnt (4) If you suffer or have suffered from skin cancer

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